The International Journal of Electro-Mechanics and Automation is committed to the continued improvement and accessibility of its peer reviewed journal. Collectively, IJEMA believes that peer reviewed journals must have a high priority so that society can remain with a credible source of information which is based on science.

IJEMA publishes scientific journals in the Electrical, Mechanical and Automation fields. We provide our members and the engineering and scientific community at large with science based information which is important and covers current interests. This is done in accordance to the highest standards of professional ethics. . Research papers serve to convey the results of original work that has a clear relationship to Engineering or the teaching of it. Review papers serve to convey in-depth interpretive coverage of topics of current importance. Acceptability of articles for publication is carefully considered through a peer- review process, with quality of the science, appropriateness, and importance weighing heavily in the final decision.

International Journal of Electromechanics and Automation